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Watch how Admiral Seguros transformed its claims process

A true innovator: creating better customer experiences with AI

Headquartered in Spain, Admiral Seguros plays a significant role in the success of the Admiral Group’s international operations. Since it opened in 2006, Admiral Seguros has steadily grown its auto insurance business to serve over 260,000 clients across its three brands. Much of Admiral Seguros’s strength and success comes from the founder’s belief that “if people like what they do, they do it better.” It’s this philosophy that inspires the business to be a true innovator – embracing technology that can transform its processes to create easy, enjoyable experiences that both their people and customers love to use.

Manual processing is hard work and time consuming 

Before Admiral Seguros used a digitized solution, auto insurance claims handling was a manual process. It required appraisers to review customer images of vehicle damage sent by email or through other channels in order to make estimations. 

With a high volume of customer claims for the appraisal teams to handle each day, it was a laborious, time-consuming and inexact process which didn’t serve the business or its customers effectively. 

To improve its customer experience, Admiral Seguros envisioned touchless claims – a fully-digitized, automated claims management process that would be as easy as using an ATM, or making an online purchase.

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A consistently simpler and smoother experience with STP


of estimates processed without appraiser input


of qualifying claims processed in less than 15 minutes


accuracy of AI solution compared to human appraisers

3x ROI

driven by automation and increased claim processing

Easier and better for customers

In 2021, Admiral Seguros processed 12,000 touchless claims using Tractable AI. It enabled 90% of claim estimates to be processed without human appraisers, with 98% of claims completed in less than 15 minutes. Because the entire claims process is automated – from allowing the customer to photo-capture damage, to estimating damage, to making an offer – it’s an easier and smoother experience. Uptake by customers has been very positive. 70-75% of customers who are sent the link to the AI-powered web app will complete the entire claim process, which often takes no more than two minutes to complete. For Admiral Seguros, realising touchless claims enables the company to devote its energies to keeping its customers front and center of their vision, while making processes faster, simpler and more efficient.

Pablo Mellado, Claims Transformation Manager Admiral Seguros
“We had a policy holder aged 84 years old that completed the process and called us to say how easy it was.”

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