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Tractable donates $50K to the Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) and Ben to support those impacted by Covid-19

By Alex Dalyac, Tractable CEO and co-founder 

At Tractable, our mission is to accelerate accident and disaster recovery across the world, with AI. But recently, the world has been severely hit by the coronavirus pandemic. 

After thinking about what role we can play in helping, our team members have started taking some paid time off to work on a volunteering initiative of their choosing, which could jointly add up to a full year’s worth of voluntary work. 

As a company, we also feel we have the duty to do something to help those in need within our industry. In the collision repair sector in which we operate, as people around the world stay at home and drive less, repairs have declined by as much as half. With fewer vehicles in need of repairs, the outlook for repairers – and for their livelihoods – is at risk. Automotive repair professionals and their families are being affected, experiencing medical and financial difficulties. 

We are donating to two charities that organise relief efforts within the sector: Ben, and the Collision Industry Foundation (CIF). 

Ben supports people from the UK automotive and repair industry who are in need. It will use our donation to expand its online mental health services – vital right now, given the increase in people reaching out to the charity. It will also use what we provide to support people who are between jobs, and who haven’t been able to find new employment because of the lockdown. 

CIF is the official charitable arm of the US collision repair industry. It is dedicated to raising, managing and donating funds to provide emergency relief to collision repair professionals who have been impacted by natural disasters or other catastrophic events, such as Covid-19. It has already raised over $100k to support those most affected by the virus. 

We hope our gesture will inspire others in our industry to give back. Join us and make a donation.