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Our AI helps people to repair, assess, and protect what matters most.

Founded in 2014, Tractable builds the AI tools of choice for world-leading companies connected to auto and property industries.

Our AI-first solutions bring the latest computer vision research and machine learning techniques to visual assessment. Using customer images, our AI products started enabling fast, accurate damage appraisal to help make recovery from accidents up to ten times faster. We’re now applying our award-winning AI to accelerate other processes involving visual inspection and appraisal. From salvaging car parts to property assessment, we’re on a mission to transform the way people live and work across whole industries. With AI on our side, we can free employee time for more valuable tasks, improve customer experiences, accelerate repairs and increase recycling – better for all of us, and the planet.

Our CEO speaks to Reid Hoffman about Tractable’s billion dollar story

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From our Forbes 30 Under 30 founders, to some of the best engineering minds from Oxford and Cambridge – find out more about the Tractable team that’s shaping a new future for applied AI.

Our world-first AI technology

In a field that’s all about the future, we’ve already hit the road with proprietary AI solutions that process millions of claims and repairs each year. Discover our world-leading tech and get behind-the-scenes insight into our unique tech approach.

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Masaki Ishihara, Digital Transformation Manager, Tokio Marine
“With Tractable we have found a partner who agrees with us in the vision of keeping the customer at the center, while at the same time, making processes simple and efficient. Tractable AI is one of the best in the world. We conducted multiple POCs among multiple tech companies in the past and Tractable actually scored the best performance in our POC.”

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