Tractable uses the speed and accuracy of artificial intelligence to visually assess cars and homes. Our solutions aim to help people work faster and smarter while reducing friction and waste – better for businesses and the planet.

Our AI-powered solutions process more than $7 billion in vehicle repairs and purchases annually, and connect everyone involved in insurance, repairs, and sales of cars and properties. Founded in 2014, Tractable is the AI tool of choice for over 20 world-leading insurance and automotive companies, many from the Fortune Global 500.

For too many years, we have seen the U.S. auto collision and insurance ecosystem blocked from working with the technologies its participants need. In March 2024, we took legal action against CCC Intelligent Solutions for what we allege is anticompetitive conduct that harms that ecosystem, stifles innovation and restricts customer choice.

We want participants in the market to be able to take control of their workflows and data, integrate best-of-breed technologies, and deliver faster, simpler, more competitive service to everyday Americans, who pay for auto insurance as a life necessity.

Tractable’s allegations against CCC are on file in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Questions & Answers:

  • Who is Tractable?
    • We help people live and work better through the power of applied AI. Our AI helps people to repair, assess, and protect what matters most. Using customer images, our AI products enable fast, accurate damage appraisal to help make recovery from accidents up to ten times faster. From salvaging car parts to property assessment, we’re on a mission to transform the way people live and work.
  • Who is CCC?
    • CCC Intelligent Solutions is a competitor to Tractable that provides services for the auto collision ecosystem.
  • What is happening between the two companies?
    • On March 11, 2024, Tractable accused CCC of violating federal antitrust laws in a court filing, alleging that CCC is using its 85% market share of the Estimatics market to limit customer choice and raise prices that ultimately impact American consumers.
  • Why does this lawsuit matter to their customers?
    • Tractable took legal action against CCC, challenging what we believe is anticompetitive conduct that harms the auto collision ecosystem. We took this step to ensure choice and best-of-breed technologies in the marketplace for customers of all kinds: insurers, repairers, service providers, and everyday Americans who pay for auto insurance as a life necessity.
  • Why is innovation in the auto collision ecosystem important?
    • We all understand how quickly technology evolves. The ability to integrate the latest and best-in-breed technology into the auto collision ecosystem expands the choices available to insurers, repair shops and ultimately customers. And more choices mean lower prices.