Applied AI to save parts and reduce waste

Identify parts that can be rescued from older cars, and repair damaged cars even faster.

Give old parts a new life

Fuel isn’t the only environmental crisis of the automotive industry. Banished to junkyards or left to rust in backyards, cars release toxins and contribute to waste overload. Tractable’s AI answers the challenge of visually identifying parts that can be salvaged and reused from old cars. Integrated with body shops around the world, our Applied AI can assess salvage cars as they come up for sale, and notify body shops so they can buy the exact parts they need for upcoming repairs. Saving money for businesses, while reducing waste for the world.

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1 minute

to conduct an inspection


reduction in inspection cycle time

Assess the condition of body parts in every salvage vehicle that comes up for sale

Match salvaged parts to parts needed by repair shops, and alert them to what’s available

Speed up repair processes by 10x and increase recycling overall

Yogi Shivdasani, VP of North America Supply Chain, LKQ
“Tractable’s AI has enhanced our expertise with identifying high quality parts on salvage vehicles and to make sure those parts can be recycled and reused.”

Supercharging auto salvage and recycling across North America

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Our AI-powered solution for auto salvage

  • Tractable Auto Inspector

    Draw on millions of data points to accurately assess a car’s condition throughout its life cycle

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