Let AI vision guide your remote property assessments

Get details of property damage for instant, insurer-calibrated, assessment, even in hard-to-reach places.

Remote property assessment. Faster claims processing. Happier customers.

When people’s homes are at stake, claims and recovery should be as fast and painless as possible. But the complexity of in-person assessments – especially in hard-to-reach or disaster-stricken areas – can delay repair estimates and payouts. Tractable’s AI lets customers send photos and measurements of damaged areas via a web-based app, making the dream of instant, insurer-calibrated assessment a reality. For vulnerable areas like roofs, our intelligent AI can draw on aerial imagery to compare and model damage. In times of crisis, our Applied AI prioritizes cases, reduces time spent on in-person appraisals, and helps people get back to their lives quicker.

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<24 hours

cycle time

Empower the policyholder to conduct the inspection, capturing all relevant detail

Assess the damage with applied AI trained on millions of data sets

Get accurate instant repair estimates calibrated to insurer’s standards

Prioritize more urgent claims and speed up straight-through processing

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