Use AI Subro to settle third-party claims quickly and reduce reliance on outsourcing

Our Applied AI helps people repair, assess, and protect what matters most

AI Subro can settle third-party claims in as little as 30 seconds

Like it or not, subrogation – settling third-party claims – is something everyone in insurance has to deal with regularly. Usually, reviewing a subrogation claim takes about half an hour. But our Applied AI can carry this out in as little as 15 seconds. Accurate, fast and pain-free. Let Tractable’s smart AI platform process your subrogation reviews in a fraction of the time – and use the time saved on high-value tasks.

Clear business impact

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15 secs

to assess the claim in a demand package

30 mins

the time it typically takes to review demand packages manually

30 days

the time subrogation takes when the claim only involves car damage

Apply a standard to the demand packet, tailored to your company’s payout policies

Settle claims faster, with accuracy and transparency

Cut review times substantially - from half an hour to just a few minutes

How does AI Subro work?

On receipt of demand packet

Upload each claim, including third party information and photos.

AI-powered assessment

Our AI accurately compares damage, recommended repairs, and all associated costs - ensuring transparency for all.

Flagged and ready reviews

Get red flags to review where AI assessment and the demand packet differ, while straightforward claims go straight through.

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Todd Combs, CEO, GEICO
“GEICO customers know us for our speed of service and value. Tractable's artificial intelligence solution delivers both, helping us review estimates more quickly and accurately, getting our customers back on the road faster.”


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