Enable fast, accurate identification of total loss via customer photos taken at FNOL

Misidentifying a vehicle as ‘repairable’ only to reclassify it as a total loss later creates a huge amount of waste and friction. Total Loss uses customer photos to instantly assess damage at FNOL. If our AI calculates repair costs to exceed vehicle value, it is accurately classified as a Total Loss, which creates more robust triage at FNOL, a better connected claims cycle and less friction for your customers.

How it works

Firstly, the policyholder takes photos of the damage with their smartphone and uploads them to Tractable 

Next, the photos are reviewed in real time. Our AI predicts the cost of repair, calibrated to the insurers’ standards 

Finally it takes minutes to create an estimate and identify a Total Loss

Why use an AI-powered application?

  1. Simplify and streamline claims with on the spot estimates and classifications
  2. Improve your customer experience with speedy and accurate decisions
  3. Seamless integration into your existing systems and workflows
  4. Enhanced triage with greater assurance you are making the correct assessment   
  5. Works with multiple vehicles in multiples regions
  6. More accurate assessments with 95% of total losses identified upfront, with 95% accuracy