Use Claim Review to automate real-time estimate review and accelerate cycle times

Our Claim Reviewer application can automate real-time review of estimates to speed up processes with more accuracy, consistency and efficiency.

How it works

Firstly, an appraiser or repairer uploads pictures of the damages and an estimate for each claim to the insurer’s claims management system

Next, Claim Review draws on computer vision to analyze the pictures and the estimates. It automatically assesses the recommended repairs to process the claim

Finally, the claims team receives an assessment for each claim reviewed. The system flags exceptions that require more attention and need to be reviewed by a human expert

Why use an AI-powered application?

  1. Reduce processing time to just a few minutes per claim 
  2. Give your claims teams the time to focus on complex and high value claims
  3. Improve consistency by eliminating human inaccuracies
  4. Gain a global view of every single estimate you review
  5. Smooth integration into your existing workflows and systems