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How Tractable's Auto Inspector helps the recycling industry

We owe it to the planet to minimize as much vehicle waste as much as possible. With the help of AI, more is being recycled than ever before. The vehicle recycling industry is finding ways to reclaim more usable parts of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

This means a lot more materials can be recycled to the benefit of car businesses, consumers, and the planet, and AI helps those advances scale up to reduce even more waste.

Parts recycling companies can depend on the 360 degree of the AI solution to instantly identify the parts of the car that are free of damage. That eliminates the guesswork of relying on photos that may not show all the angles and details of the car when making salvage car purchases remotely. 

The confidence level allows them to arrange the sale with the customers and repair shops that put in requests for them even before they have taken them off the car. That translates into four important benefits for the recycling business:

  1. Precise condition assessment: Tractable’s AI tool is sharp enough to identify even minor cosmetic damage. Any points of damage on the car are highlighted in the condition report.
  2. Efficient inventory management: The salvaged car parts are identified and labeled, enabling the business to instantly see what’s available and where it is when a request for a part comes in.
  3. Auto matching for expedited sales: The parts identified by the AI can be matched with the list of parts needed for car repairs. In addition to enabling the salvage shop to identify which cars it should be purchasing, it makes it possible to start the sales journey to the end user even before the part is removed from the salvage car.
  4. More recycling and less waste: The AI-powered ability to identify the usable parts and match them with those who need them at scale means more use from ELVs to deliver greater profitability for salvage and less waste polluting the planet.

LKQ Corporation, a leading alternative parts provider with more than $12bn in annual revenue, has utilized Tractable’s Auto Inspector tool for the bid buying process with great success. It has been using Tractable’s solution to automate its procurement and inventory management process.

 “Tractable’s technology is far beyond what others have on the market,” said Yogi Shivdasani, VP of North America Supply Chain, LKQ. “Anybody trying to break into this industry hasn’t even come close to what Tractable has been able to do. Their team is fantastic and I can actually tell these are some of the smartest people in the industry.”

To learn more about Tractable Auto Inspector, download the whitepaper.

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