Everyday AI to assess a car’s condition throughout its life cycle

Our Applied AI Engine helps people repair, assess, and protect what matters most.

Tractable Auto Inspector draws on millions of data points to accurately assess a car’s condition in minutes at any point in its life cycle

Our Applied AI Engine helps you value, inspect and assess a car’s condition. Use our app-based AI vision, via any smartphone enabled device, to instantly spot wear and tear. From setting the right purchase price for your vehicles, tracking damage across your fleet or identifying parts for salvage you can feel confident knowing your decisions are backed up by AI trained on millions of visual data points.


Pocket Underwriting

Use a video taken on your customer’s smartphone to enable accurate and immediate underwriting

Clear business impact

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1 minute

to conduct an inspection


reduction in inspection cycle time

Remote inspection using any camera-enabled device, eliminating cost of in-person assessments

Get highly accurate condition reports to help you price, manage, repair or salvage any car

Prevent fraud via state-of-the-art video capture and checks to ensure information is 100% verified

Give your customers a faster, more efficient and confidence-inspiring experience

How does AI Inspection work?

Quick visual checkup

Using a guided 360° assessment, Tractable’s video capture app identifies damage across a vehicle in real-time.

AI-powered assessment

Our AI creates a condition report, thoroughly assessing the extent of any damage.

Streamlined sales

Use the report to accelerate repairs, create bills for evaluation and improve efficiency at sale, auction and salvage.

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Yogi Shivdasani, VP of North America Supply Chain, LKQ
“Tractable is far more advanced than anything else out there. They’re a great partner and dug in to understand the specific needs of our organization, and moved fast to take us all the way from initial testing to production at scale. Tractable is obsessed with positive results and realizing any ROI."

Tractable Auto Inspector assesses cars along their entire lifecycle

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