Use the accuracy of AI to bring faster repairs and claim resolution to your customers.

Full repair estimates for your interior water damage claims, automated using homeowner input from a smartphone app at FNOL.

Tractable Property Estimator can accurately assess interior property damage in minutes.

Using an intuitive smartphone app, your customers are guided through capturing damage and cause of damage on-site. Accurate measurements are additionally registered of the damage area - these can be viewed as a precise sketch by the insurer, alongside all damage photos. Calibrated to your standards, our AI works seamlessly with your operations to generate an accurate estimate of the scale and extent of the damage, in your preferred platform. Property Estimator enables you to prioritize urgent cases, improve your customer service levels, and get on with what matters — helping people recover their homes and their lives.


Speedy Payment

Use customer photos to generate instant estimates at FNOL and speed up the resolution process

Clear business impact

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<24 Hours

cycle time

Empower the policyholder to conduct the inspection

Eliminate the cost and delay of in-person assessments

Help inform and prioritize claims, expediting settlements

Cut weeks of claim settlement time to within a single day

How does Tractable's Property Estimator work?

At the scene

Our smartphone app guides policyholders through taking photos and measurements of the damage cause/area.

AI gets to work

Our AI reviews the images and measurements sent from the policy holder.

Claims estimate produced

Our AI generates an accurate estimate, alongside all damage photos and a precise sketch of the floor plan.

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